Do you have a great idea you would like us to publish?

New contributors

We love getting new ideas and articles from people who haven’t been published before and we are always looking for fresh ideas that will appeal to our readers. Whether you are an experienced writer or a practicing teacher with something to say, we would like to hear from you. We cannot promise to publish your article, but we do promise to read it carefully!

Worried about submitting an article? Don’t be! 40% of our writers are non-native speakers, and we work hard to ensure we have a real mix of writers.

General guidance

The best advice we can give is ‘Read ADAM’s News’. If you are already a subscriber – and we hope you are – you will know that we publish a wide range of features and articles dealing with the latest news, celebrities updates, life-hacks – and a lot more besides.

Our readership

ADAM’s News is read by people around the world. Some of them are native speakers of English. Many of them are not. We have readers in most sectors.


ADAM’s News is a regular people’s magazine and not an academic journal. We are looking for articles that are of direct relevance and immediate interest to our readers. Our aim is to be fresh and accessible.

People usually do not have time to read lengthy pieces or weighty prose. Please write clearly and simply, and avoid – or explain – technical terms or jargon. We are less likely to accept an article that says ‘This is what we did’ than one that says ‘This is what we did and here’s how you can do it too/adapt it to your situation, etc.’ Please avoid long lists of references and bibliographies.

Editorial support

We work with our authors to ensure that the articles we publish are as good as we can make them. We very seldom publish an article in exactly the form in which it was submitted. If you need help or support, we will be pleased to offer both. Our advice is to send us a draft or an outline in the first instance so that we can help you to develop your ideas. Sending an outline is also a good idea because it enables us to warn you if we already have several articles on the same subject waiting to be published, and are unlikely to accept another one.

Starting point 

New writers may wish to consider submitting shorter pieces, to begin with. We are very pleased to receive letters and suggestions for publication, and contributions to the IT WORKS IN PRACTICE section of the magazine. Good, innovative photocopiable materials are particularly welcome. We are also looking for book reviewers.


Regular features

Please contact us before contributing to one of our regular features as these are generally commissioned by us and their content planned several issues in advance. Please write to us also if you have new ideas for regular features

Selection of articles

Articles sent to us are circulated to an editorial team and considered for publication. We try to let you know our decision as quickly as possible, but inevitably with all the work that has to be done on forthcoming issues and the fact that we receive an enormous number of articles each week, you may not receive an immediate response.

Please bear in mind that we receive many more articles than we can possibly publish. We only produce six issues a year and there is a limited amount of space in each issue. We also have to balance the content of each issue to ensure that there is something of interest to everyone. This means that even when we accept your article, you may have to wait sometime before you see it on our web. Please be patient. It is very unlikely to go into the next issue or even the issue after that, but if we have accepted an article, we will get it in as soon as possible.

If we do not accept your article, it may be simply because we have several others on a similar subject waiting to be published or we can see that it will be so long before we can fit your article in that you would be better seeking publication elsewhere.

If you want to be published quickly, it is often a good idea to submit an article to one of the following sections: quotes, movies, songs, weird and exposed. We are often looking for articles to fill these sections, and we are particularly interested in photocopiable activities.

Submitting articles

We accept articles by email, but if you decide to send one this way, please ensure that anything you send is free of viruses.

Please do not use the track changes tool on your computer and do not allow any of your colleagues who read and comment on your article to do so, as it can cause issues.

If you do send anything by email attachment, please use your surname as part of the file name and include your name and address within the document. You would be amazed how many articles come in with the file name ‘ADAM’s News article’ and with no means of identification!

Please do not embed photographs or any other artwork in Word documents sent by e-mail attachment. Send them as separate jpg attachments.

Please remember to put your name and full contact details, including postal address and telephone number, within the body of your article. Emails and articles often get separated and it is vital that your article is labeled clearly with your name and contact details.

Additional advice

Think how your article will look on the web. Our designer will make your article look good, but you can help by including bullet points, diagrams, tables, ideas for illustrations and photographs.


We do not accept articles or parts of articles which have been published elsewhere. When we accept an article, we ask you to confirm that it is your own work and to assign copyright to us. This helps us to keep track of where articles are taken from ADAM’s News reader. Further information about this is available on request.

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… and get published!

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