This Job Pays $10,000 Per Month Just to Live in Cancun, Mexico

Looking for a part-time job? Mexico has an offer that’s pretty hard to refuse.

Cancun, the popular vacation resort along the Mexican coast, says it’s on the hunt for a CEO—Cancun Experience Officer. And it will pay $10,000 per month and cover all expenses of whoever gets the six-month job.

If you’re interested in applying, you’ll have to be available to live in Cancun from March to Aug. 2018 without interruptions. And there’s a surprisingly thorough job application (which requires a one minute video) you’ll have to fill out as well.


You could get paid £7,500 a MONTH to live for free in luxury hotels in Cancún – and VIP access to clubs is also included.


And while the pay and benefits are pretty excellent, this isn’t a six-month vacation. You’ll be expected to generate videos, social media posts, and blog posts for Of course, those sorts of things will require field trips and research, meaning you’ll also have to tackle such tasks as climbing a 3,000-year-old pyramid or swimming with a whale shark. You’ll have to sleep overlooking pristine beaches. And odds are pretty good that a cerveza or margarita will be involved as well. says it will pick the top 100 candidates in December and weed it down to the top 50 on Jan 4. Five finalists will fly to Cancun later that month for the final selection process.


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