Apple’s new iPhone X ‘is the most breakable and expensive to repair ever’

The all-glass front and back of the new Apple iPhone X are an absolute disaster area when it comes to dropping the gizmo – with drop tests showing it’s the most breakable iPhone ever.

SquareTrade tested the phone using robots and found that it shatters easily after a simple drop to the floor.


Getting hands-on with the new iPhone X.


It’s also alarmingly expensive to repair, with bills of up to £569, SquareTrade said.

The testers said, ‘On its first drop, SquareTrade saw the iPhone X shatter, its screen become unresponsive, and its widely touted facial recognition feature fail completely.

‘SquareTrade’s Master Technician noted that the iPhone X has a thinner, costlier OLED screen that’s more expensive to replace, a smaller logic board, multiple cables, and a split battery that’s more difficult to remove.’


Tumble test for 60 seconds.


‘You’d expect there to be a high price to pay for a beautiful phone like the iPhone X. Unfortunately for consumers, in the end it’s likely to be more than the $1,000 they’ve already invested,’ said Jason Siciliano, vice president global creative director at SquareTrade.


Face down drop test on iPhone X.


‘Despite Apple’s claims that their glass is the most durable ever in a smartphone, the iPhone X is the most breakable iPhone we’ve ever tested. The iPhone X’s fragility, along with Apple’s $549 fee for most repairs, make it the definition a high-risk phone.’

Apple Inc’s new flagship iPhone X makes the company more money per phone than its iPhone 8 model, according to an analysis, which found the iPhone X’s flashier parts cost Apple 25 percent more than the iPhone 8, but that it retailed 43 percent higher.







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